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Penglin Food Lurui Fragrant Pork Head Franchised Head Office
Address: No. 10, Changjiang Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City
Tel:023-89081853,89035318。18323150396(Manager Jia )。
 National Alliance (distribution) telephone:400-023-8001。
(二)New Century Store(Hundreds of Stores )
(三) Yonghui Supermarket Store(Hundreds of Stores)
(四)Carrefour Store( 38 stores)
(五)Beibei Peng Lin Villa (Penglin Beibei Xishanping pig breeding base, Animal Teaching and Research Base for Rongchang Campus of Southwestern University )
 Business scope: catering, accommodation, conference, film and television, leisure, entertainment, fishing, chess, and undertake a variety of banquets.
 Order Tel:88021666  88021888。 Mobile:18375781119( Jiang Xiaochuan)
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Address: No. 21-1, Block B, Lianglukou Xinganxian, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City.   hotline:400-023-8001    Contact : 023-86330158  fax:023-86330158