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一、    Basic facts

        Chongqing Penglin Food Co., Ltd. is a diversified enterprise with breeding, processing, distribution, wholesale and retail as a whole, mainly in meat products, with fresh food as the operating characteristics of the businesses. It also got Chongqing city food production licenses and national food market permits.  Company address:No. 128 Xinyuan Road Zhenxi Town Fuling District of  Chongqing City with more than 300 staff. The company executes general manager responsibility system under the board leadership, under the purchasing department, farms, slaughter, processing department, finance department, Ministry of transport, super market, market wholesale department, after-sales service department, finance department, administrative department and so on.
        It has built Guangan Yong Peng Food Co., Ltd., Mingwen Food Co., Ltd.,  Chun Mu Yuan Farm Stay (Penglin Villa), Penglin pig breeding base with standard of full automation hog slaughter line, improvement environmental protection facilities, including sewage treatment and harmless treatment, incineration etc..All steel structure plant and 1200 tons standard cold storage can meet the daily maximum of 1000 slaughter pigs. At the same time, the company uses the mode of "company + peasant household", reaching agreement of pig breeding with dozens of farmers. It has been formed dozens of fresh and cooked food products series covering breeding, slaughtering, processing cooked, stored frozen, wholesale sales  whole industry chain business model, so as to ensure the quality of the food production and processing in the production process and the supply channels. The company fresh meat and meat products deep processing has entered hundreds of  large supermarkets like New century, Yonghui. The company's existing fixed assets is about 200 million yuan and annual operating income of 350 million yuan.
       Over the years, the company adheres to the quality first, honest business principles, and has  a good reputation in the industry and users. It has won the "honest and trustworthy customers", the annual sales star and other honors. In April 2015, Chongqing Penglin Food Ltd.,Co has been listed in the Shanghai equity custody Trading Center (Enterprise code:204675).

二、    Development target

(一) Development target
        To complete the expansion scale of the company to the end of 2025, sales area covering the pork products consuming cities in China. To realize pork industry chain coverage, to promote the deep processing of meat products, and to improve the rate of deep processing meat products business. The company will complete  annual sales revenue of 5 billion yuan, profit of 800 million yuan. Pork  deep processing hope to reach 1 billion yuan and the annual pork output with value of 500 million yuan. Implement the "going out" strategy. Carry out pig breeding, processing and sales in part of South Asian countries.

(二) Company development strategy

1.        Bigger and stronger business scale.
           Focusing on ordinary pork processing, accelerating the pace of mergers and acquisitions and  the expansion of the scale, so to achieve rapid growth. To invest 20 pig slaughter and processing enterprises in the main pork products consumption cities and build a comprehensive meat processing base with mergers, acquisitions and cooperation. To realize 2 million pigs production scale processing capacity. Sales network synchronization is also covered. Products are on sale  at most shops and supermarkets, forming across our country and overseas sales network. Achieve large-scale, intensive growth. ”Penglin food" business size and brand strength to be further enhanced.

2.        Build pork market the whole industry chain.
           Taking the company’s high value-added product "Lurui" ecological pigs as the leading factor, cultivating new economic growth point. Transform from "company + base + pig households" mode to the "vertical integration" management pattern, from pig varieties cultivation to feed production, green farming, segmentation processing, deep processing and marketing sales. Make the main business covering all the links of pork products production and processing, forming ecological pigs green industry chain. Give full play to the scale effect to withstand market risks. Improve enterprise's comprehensive competitive ability and profit ability. To raise 200,000 Lurui pigs and to achieve annual output value of 500 million yuan by 2020.
3.        Promote the deep processing of meat products.
            In the basement of expanding fresh pork business, research and development new formulations, new technology, increase deep processing of pork and accessories, cattle and lamb meat (chicken, rabbit), increase the added value and the level of profitability. Especially in the processing of high quality pork products, focusing on research and development of low cholesterol meat products and health products for specific groups of people, so that it has become the future development of the company's next growth point. The size of meat products processing operations will up to 1 billion yuan.

4.         Create "Penglin food" and “Lurui fragrant pig"  international brand.
             Brand is the lifeline of the product. Only to establish a good brand image, can  further improve the international visibility and increase product added value. Penglin company will implement the policy of international and domestic market simultaneously, and strive for greater development space. Build feed mill and  pig production and processing in developing countries of Southeast Asia and other traditional pork trade area. To explore the brand and technology cooperation in relatively developed countries, enhancing the international visibility and brand influence of "Penglin food" and "Lurui fragrant pig".

三、    Company main products processing technology

1.        Fresh meat.
Cleaning and disinfection of live pigs→Bleeding shock→Scalding dehairing→Carcass processing→Synchronous healthy inspection→By-product processing→meat chilling→Split packing→transport to the market.

2.        Semi-finished products
           Thawing of raw materials→Cleaning and cutting→Mix seasonings→Packaging sterilization→transport to the market. (Shredded meat, sliced meat, meat stuffing, pickled mutton, steamed mutton series, KFC series, spicy series)

1)        Steamed pork with rice flour.
 Materials choosing→ cutting→mixing→packing→steaming→cooling and packing→storage→listing

2)        KFC  Chicken Fillet.
Material selection→slitting→seasoning→fry→cooling→packing→storage →listing.

3)        Sauteed Chicken Dices with Chili Peppers.
 Materials choosing→dice→boiling→seasoning →stir frying→cooling→packing →storage→listing

4)        Spicy broth.
 Materials choosing→cutting→boiling→seasoning→stir-fry→cooling→packing→Storage→listing

5)        Rabbit dice with pickled peppers.
 Materials choosing→dice→boiling→seasoning→stir→fry→cooling→packing→storage→listing

3.        Delicatessen
Sausage, bacon, spiced and stewed products, pork stewed in soy sauce, salty braised pork,  luncheon meat.

1)        Sausage.
Material choosing → dicing→vacuum chopping→filling→sterilization→smoke curing→washing→labeling→storage→listing.

2)        Bacon.
Material choosing→Pickled→washing→sterilization→smoke curing→washing→labeling→storage→listing

3)        luncheon meat.
Materialchoosing→dicing→Minced→chopping→seasoning→stirring→packing→steaming→cooling and packing→storage→listing

4)        Pork stewed in soy sauce.
Materialchoosing→boiling→airing→adding sugar→frying→dicing→seasoning→packing→steaming→cooling and packing→storage→listing

5)        salty braised pork.
Choosing material →boiling→airing→adding sugar→frying→dicing→seasoning→packing→steaming→cooling and packing→storage→listing

6)        Spiced and stewed products.
 Choosing material→boiling→marinating for a day→stewing→cooling→packing→storage→listing

四、    Specialty products

(一) Lurui Fragrant Pig

       Through these years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, health and self-cultivation has become people’s fundamental requirements for diet. Penglin company and Animal Research Department of Southwest University in Chongqing jointly developed new-style healthy pig varieties -- Lurui fragrant pig, with high protein, low fat, low calorie. At the same time, it has a variety of trace elements human body needed. And it is necessary safety product in people’s dinner table. With "Company + peasant household" mode, it has 2 million pigs in the farm,  and has developed more than 100 cooked pork series, which are selling in the supermarket and gets good  market response. During the Spring Festival of 2016, the total sales of the pig amounts to more than 10 million yuan.
Lurui fragrant pig comes from the national secondary protection rare breed Chongjiang pig, and has great reputation for its good smell. Lu rui pigs are raised with “Chinese medicine + farm Cereals” new breed method, the culturing time is above 365 days. They are mainly fed with corn, rice, wheat bran, bean cake and other high-quality farm cereals, adding a certain proportion of grass and vegetables and the company’s secret pure natural traditional Chinese medicine preparation, which can not only achieve the robust efficacy of pork meat, but also serve the purpose of prevention and treatment of cholera and enterohepatic pneumonia. In the rearing period, Lurui pig does not add any additives, without antibiotics,  and is absolutely natural assured food.
        Penglin pigs in the base in pigs are using the stocking model. In the daytime,  let pig run in the mountain meadow freely and forage  wild vegetation, which both  enhance physical fitness, but also can improve the disease resistant ability. Walking into the pigpen, you can’t smell unpleasant smell. There are only eight and ten pigs at each area of 12 square meter fence. The ground is composed of cement and the soft sand. Sand, also known as "fermentation bed”,  is currently the most scientific and technological eco-friendly farming method, with low odor, low smell, harmless, zero emission, no pollution characteristics. It uses a certain proportion of fermentation, mixed with sawdust, rice husk, using microbial fermentation to produce heat, making the temperature in piggery comfortable and dry to ensure the growth of healthy pigs.
The pig products have successfully listed.  The company has formed a fresh and cooked food full range, multi-level product structure. Pig industry will also become a new business direction of the company and the new profit growth point.

(二)   Lurui Fragrant Diced Pork in Pot
         Diced pork in pot was originated from the Bayu ancient country 2000 years ago. In order to explore the one thousand years old traditional gourmet, diced pork in  pot, the company specifically introduced national rare protection breeds, building Lurui fragrant pig breeding base with Southwest University. Lurui fragrant pig breeding time is more than 365 days, fed  with farm cereals and vegetables diet, with the characteristics of high protein, low fat, low calorie, rich in a variety of trace elements. The company adopts Lurui pig forelegs, hind legs, three lines, rib, lean meat and other varieties, using the traditional process with secret pickles and precious spices, and jar sealed for more than 100 days, waiting quietly for the time, then having the gorgeous, delicious, unique “Lurui fragrant pig” diced pork in pot. It got popular after launching on the market and got more demands than supply.It’s the popular gift for friends or preserving at home.

(三) Other products
1.        Fresh meat. The company has built Guangan Yongpeng Food Ltd, Co, and fixed slaughtering plants at Linshui Sichuan.

2.        Semi-prcessed products.(1)Steamed pork with rice flour.(2)KFC Chicken Fillet(3)Sauteed Chicken Dices with Chili Peppers(4)Baked chitterlings with capsicum. (5)Rabbit dice with pickled peppers.

3.   Delicatessen. Sausage, bacon, spiced and stewed products, pork stewed in soy sauce, salty fat pork,  luncheon meat.
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